Travel Tips - Genoa

Vertical Genoa - Urban Walking Tour

Steep alleys, panoramic lifts, funiculars and breathtaking views.

An exciting uphill itinerary but not too tiring thanks to ancient lifts and colorful funiculars.

It will be a truly special experience that will introduce you to the city from a different point of view

Your First Time in Genoa

Wandering through the Carugi alleys you’ll find the real Genoa essence.

You’ll discover the largest medieval old town in Europe, walk along its narrow alleyways, stop in the square and in the Renaissance streets of the historical town. Via Garibaldi, a Unesco World Heritage Site, will leave you speechless with its painted palaces built by noble families in XV century 

Genoa food market and pesto class

A great morning in the biggest food market in Genoa, captured by the smells and the colours of the typical products.  

A local culinary expert will welcome you in a noble palace to a pesto lesson with mortar and pestle, as tradition wants. 

After the lesson you will taste your home made pesto with some other local specialties 

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