Hotel Excelsior Rapallo Immodrone Beach
Excelsior Palace Hotel Portofino Immodrone

Reward travels to celebrate the goals achieved, meetings completed with group activities, relaxing trips with  associates, meetings with colleagues to plan future strategies, new products’ presentations  to the most loyal Customers.

Any event can be the right one to participate in something extraordinary that will remain in everyone’s memories.

The EXCELSIOR PALACE PORTOFINO COAST is the ideal location to live unforgettable experiences, to build a constructive team spirit, to stand out.

Unique ambiences, breathtaking sea views, impeccable service. These are the ingredients for a winning recipe.

Boat excursions, tasting classes, trekking, water sports and much more on the Portofino Coast.

The Events Office is available to study, organize and compose a unique and personalized event with you,  thanks to the knowledge of the area and the cooperation with skilled professionals.

Excelsior Palace Hotel Portofino
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