Tailor Made Fitness

Innovative method which guarantees an agile and strong body in a short time, by toning up and lenghtening all muscles. Exercises are planned according to ones’ personal needs, Pilates is for everybody. Furthermore, it represents at its best the new trend in wellness which means balance between body and mind, focusing on a few main principles among which correct breathing.

60 minutes individual lesson: € 55.00

Lenghtening excercises meant to get a good body litheness and correct posture.

60 minutes individual lesson: € 55.00

Tailor made training for any kind of needs.

60 minutes individual lesson: € 60.00


Everyday, upon request and reservation from 5pm to 6.30pm on the Beach Club Hotel Terrace

50 Minute course with max 5 participants
1 COURSE  € 16.00 ;  6 COURSES  € 76.00

Please reserve 24 hours in advance